We love to build and make things better so we went to work at a construction company. Unfortunately that showed us a lot of what was wrong in the construction industry.

In most construction; the LEVEL and the SQUARE control everything. -But what if your home isn’t square or level? -What if your dreams aren’t square and level? Walking in and doing what the homeowner asks is the easiest quick buck. -But you hired a professional who should give you the benefit of their knowledge and point out the pitfalls of your request. Performing expensive upgrades is a profitable joy. -But if you are selling the home, maybe that gold plated pool won’t really improve your asking price.

There needs to be Balance between your desires, your needs, and the possibilities.

After years in the construction field we have seen a lot of work performed that failed to acknowledge the needs, the dreams, the goals, and the pocket book of the customer. We have seen work performed in the usual manner when the situation called for the unusual. Work performed that was like putting a pretty band aid on a gangrene limb (someone should have told the homeowner that this work wasn’t acknowledging the bigger issue). Work that worshiped the Level and the Square regardless of the homes ageing beauty (the home was crooked). Work that wasn’t done correctly, wasn’t done safely, although it was done by a licensed Contractor (be aware, the Contractor’s test doesn’t test on building knowledge or ability).

Some of the work we are experienced with:

Dry-rot repairDetailed Trim WorkPainting
Replacing SidingBuilding DecksComposite Flooring
FramingFencingCarpet Removal
DrywallRemoving/Installing WindowsInstalling Doors

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